Where to find Sarah?

While I try my best to post regularly…my attention span is the size of a bean. I don’t post often on social media, but I’m trying to be better at it. I usually memes, dog pictures, and my horribly written haikus. Posts on this blog are going to be very sporadic and chaotic, much like everything else in my ADHD mind.

If you want to follow me and look at memes, dogs, and haikus, you can find me on my social media:

My Twitter (active on this)

My Tumblr (active on this)

My TikTok

My Instagram

NOTE: if you have the Hive app, I’m also on it and can be found at simplesarah1629. There would be a link…but Hive is a little weird and doesn’t give users a link. Or I haven’t found it yet.

My other works like my short story and haiku collection can be found on my Ritoria and Tapas.

My Tapas

My Ritoria

And if you didn’t know or forgot, I’m a freelance list writer for Game Rant. I mostly write about anime, manga, TV shows, and movies. Once in a blue moon, I’ll write about a video game.

Check out my work here.