Writing Nook

I have been working on a fiction story, but there’s not much to reveal about it quite yet. However, I have written a short story and published a haiku collection under the (sort of) pseudonym S.R. Prado.

As for why I use S.R. instead of my real name…well, to be honest, I find it a little boring on paper, and wanted to try something new but still keep it connected to my name. Just because I find it boring doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

Published Works

Sometimes destiny can bring happiness. Other times…it burns down a person’s world and destroys everything.

FUN FACT: This is a short horror and suspense story that I wrote for a school competition, but it didn’t get selected. Someone probably should’ve told me to write a story about feelings and touching thoughts about life and love instead of suspense with a dash of horror. In my defense…I wrote this on Halloween, my favorite holiday.

There’s only one chapter and I have no plans on updating it. But if you stick around long enough, the fantasy story I’m working on has been heavily inspired by this short story. So one might look at this as a prequel of sorts.

Read it here on Tapas. https://tapas.io/series/Destinys-Cursed-Loving-Embrace

Some horribly written haikus I write when bored. Some might make you laugh. Some might make you think. Either way, get a good chuckle and shake your head at the nonsense.

FUN FACT: I’m not really a fan of poetry. Ironic right? I write these haikus when I’m bored. I post them because I think someone out there will get a good chuckle out of them. Also, I’m responsible for that poorly drawn picture. I’m not an artist, and it clearly shows.

Please don’t think I’m a master at haiku or even good at it. I really don’t have a formula for these or anything special (really, I don’t!). All I do is think or feel something and write them in a haiku format.

NOTE: Updates every Monday and Friday!

Now available on Tapas: https://tapas.io/series/Babbles-Masquerading-as-Haikus/info

Upcoming Works

Nothing to put here yet…but give it time.