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Honest Beauty Reusable Magic Silicone Sheet Mask Review

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote something. I’ve been busy with school, but here’s a short review of the Honest Beauty Reusable Magic Silicon Sheet Mask. 

I was browsing through the Target website, not looking for anything in particular, and saw this mask. I thought, “Why not?” and bought it. 

Photo from the Honest Beauty website

I love a good sheet mask and I have a lot of them. I can’t help it, and I love how they make my skin feel. However, there’s usually a bunch of the essence left over and yes, I know I can use it on my neck and chest. BUT! I feel like there’s a little too much leftover and I don’t like going to sleep with my face, neck, and chest drenched. Plus, my skin feels a little tacky or sticky with too much product on. So, what was my solution to this problem? I put the excess product in a jar and use this mask. 

This silicone is supposed to help with product absorption and I have to say…it works pretty good. I put some of the excess essence on my face and put this mask on, and it’s like having a normal sheet mask on. Depending on how much essence is left from my sheet mask, I basically have another 2-4 days worth of sheet masks thanks to this item. Yes, I know I can just use the essence by itself, but I love having a sheet mask on for two reasons. 

One: because I just love the feeling of a mask on.

Two: I love scaring my boyfriend. His reaction is hilarious.

Here a TikTok video that I made to show what I do with the excess serum and using the mask.


I know a silicone sheet mask can be used w/any essence or serum, but I love a good hydrating sheet mask. Think skinfluencers & beauty gurus approve? 😬 (sry for poor quality) #skincare #skincaretips #skintok #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

You can also put this mask over your face when wearing a sheet mask, but this is just how I prefer it. So far, the elasticity of the mask has held up pretty well and not stretched out. Be aware that using this mask a lot can stretch out the ear holds which will cause the mask to be loose when worn. I personally haven’t had that problem yet, but I’m aware that this can happen. If you’re looking for ways to make the essence of sheet masks last a little longer, this is one way I recommend doing it. 

To wash the mask, I usually use soap and warm water. Using soap isn’t necessary as Honest Beauty’s website says that rinsing it is enough, but I just like using soap. Make sure to dry it completely with a towel and store it back in the bag so that it’ll last for a long time. I’ve had mine for about a year now, and while I use it about once a week, it’s still holding pretty well. 

Is this mask necessary? No, absolutely not.

Like I said above, I just love having a mask on my face and find this item fun to wear. If you love wearing sheet masks and have a lot of essence left over from it, this mask is great to have around. 

What are your thoughts on this mask? Will you be buying it? Let me know in the comments! 


Updated on February 28, 2023 to show TikTok video