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How Should Netflix’s You End?

Time to say Good-Bye to Joe Goldberg and His Shenanigans

It’s a little hard to believe, but season five of Netflix’s You will be the final season of the hit show.

Honestly, I’m glad that it’ll be the final season. I think five seasons is a good stopping point and keeps it from overstaying its welcome. Needless to say, that means the writers have a lot to do to quench the needs of their viewers. There are some loose ends that need tying up and Joe’s sendoff needs to be spectacular. The show started off strong and needs to end strong or stronger. 

I thought this past season was good, but not the best. I liked that we got to see Joe become more unhinged, but the overall feeling was meh. But now, it seems like Joe Goldberg has managed to scrub himself clean of his crimes, returned to the U.S., and now has all the resources in the world to cover up any wrongdoings he’ll do thanks to Kate and her money.

To be honest, I think Kate is a pretty boring love interest, especially if compared to Love Quinn. Call me crazy, but Love was the best out of all the ladies that Joe has obsessed over. However, Kate seems to be willing to do whatever it takes to keep Joe safe even if he does horrendous things. That makes her just as bad as him, and honestly, I’m here for it. It’ll add more to her character which I found very bland. Compared to Love, Marienne, and even Beck, Kate was just boring and I was struggling to see what Joe saw in her. Even with all of his internal monologuing, I really couldn’t feel the same chemistry as I did with previous ladies. Heck, his talks with his illusion Rhys had more chemistry than him and Kate. But now that she’s entering what seems to be her Villain Era, I think it’ll give her the boost she needs to be a more interesting character.

How Joe Goldberg’s story ends remains to be seen, and fans are going off on all the possibilities.

WARNING: spoilers of the show are ahead.

Questions That NEED To Be Answered

There are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up, and I could sit here all day and be nitpicky. But I’m not going to do that because that would be WAY too long. Here are some questions I have that I need answers to.

What Happened to Joe’s Mother and (Half) Brother?

In season 3, we saw Joe’s memories of his mother and last saw that he found her when he was still a child. However, Joe’s mom seemed to have moved on with her life without him and appeared to have another child. But there was no mention of her and his potential half-brother after this. It’s possible that Joe murdered them, but we don’t know yet. 

If they’re alive (or one of them), it would be an interesting storyline to see play out. But at the very least, the writers need to let us fans know what happened.

What About Nadia?

Poor Nadia. Her heart was in the right place and she was so close to catching Joe. But alas, Joe has once again avoided being captured for his crimes. He pinned Rhys’s murder on Edward, murdered Edward, and framed Nadia for it. Sad as it is, Nadia knew that talking wouldn’t help as all the evidence now points to her. However, she is a very smart girl and maybe she’s biding her time to find a way to get him. But this is just hopeful wishing on my part. 

As much as I would love for her to come back, You isn’t known for bringing back supporting characters like her. So the chances of us seeing her return in the final season, unless it’s in prison or via flashback, are slim to none. 

Is Marienne Going To Stay Away or Get Justice?

By the grace of the heavens (and writers), Marienne is the only woman who’s managed to escape Joe by faking her death. It was a risky plan, but she and Nadia were successful in pulling this off. However, the last we see of is reading the article about Joe’s return to the U.S. and how he “escaped” Love Quinn’s murder attempt. She didn’t seem happy that he’s a free man now, but she knows what he’s capable of. That’s why she didn’t have Nadia call the police because Marienne has seen firsthand that Joe knows how to get out of anything. 

If she tries to go after him, it’s not going to be easy. She’s going to need some hardcore evidence and luck to bring him down once and for all. Marienne doesn’t seem like the person to let something like this go, but at the same time, she has to think about her daughter, Juliet. All she wanted during her time in the cage was to get back to her daughter alive. Letting him be free may not be something she likes, but something she might have to do if she wants a peaceful life with Juliet.

Will Joe Get Henry Back?

Joe mentioned his son Henry a few times throughout season four, but now that he’s back in the States, will he get him back? At the end of season three, Dante (Joe and Marienne’s former coworker) and Lansing (Dante’s husband) were raising Henry and it seemed like Joe and Love’s son was thriving under their care. Love’s last words to Joe were about how they were both bad for Henry, and it seems like Joe took it to heart. Leaving Henry behind with Dante and Lansing is probably the best decision he’s made on the show.

However, he promised their son he would be back for him. So will Joe try to take him away? He has the money and resources to get him back. Joe is embracing his murderous side so maybe he’ll leave his son in their care so he can grow up in a normal home. Neither he nor Kate are what we would consider parent material. But never say never, and there’s always a small possibility he’ll get Henry back.

Who Should Return in the Final Season?

There are a lot of characters in the You series, and we got to see some familiar faces come back for a cameo. I’m sure we’re going to get a new cast of supporting characters, and Joe and Kate will be back (obviously). But there are some characters I’d like to see return even if only for a cameo.


As much as I would love to see Marienne get justice, I want her to live her life with her daughter. If she attempts to get justice, she would be risking their lives. Kate seems just as cold and ruthless as Joe and thanks to her, he has all the resources in the world to wipe Marienne out once and for all should she threaten him. But at the same time, Marienne is constantly going to be looking over her shoulder so maybe her coming back to get justice is the way to go. 

He doesn’t know that she’s still alive and that could work to her advantage. If anything, I would like to see Marienne come back as a dream figure or illusion similar to Rhys Montrose that’s constantly taunting Joe. 

Joe’s Illusion of Rhys Montrose

This is just because I think Ed Speelers, the actor for Rhys, did a fantastic job as this character. It was the perfect mix of terrifying and charisma since he was not only encouraging Joe to embrace his true nature, but also as a voice of reason. Though Joe seems to have embraced his darker side, we last saw that his reflection still showed Rhys’s face. This could be an indicator that Joe hasn’t completely accepted this side of himself so there’s a chance we’ll see his illusion of Rhys again. 


Honestly, Love is still the best love interest so far. She was such a great character that left me torn between rooting for her and being terrified of her very similar to Joe. To me, she was the perfect one. If Joe had embraced his murderous side sooner, the two of them would’ve been completely perfect for one another. To say I was happy when I saw her make a cameo as a dream figure would be an understatement.

I would love to see her come back again and haunt his dreams again. Love knew Joe was a killer deep down, but he didn’t want to admit it. 


Beck made a surprising cameo as a figure in Joe’s dream. Though I don’t consider her the best love interest in the series, I would love to see her come back again. I really want her and Love to haunt the absolute heck out of Joe in his dreams. Beck didn’t deserve to die and I want her ghost to yell at him for it. Sure, Beck had her flaws, but her story didn’t deserve to end the way it did.

Joe ended up being the innocent boyfriend whose girlfriend cheated on him with her therapist, and Dr. Nicky was framed for her murder. Plus, Joe made sure to finish her story in his own words so he would look innocent in all of it. Justice for Beck!


Ah yes, maybe some fans have forgotten her, but I was honestly surprised we didn’t see a cameo from her this season like Beck and Love. Considering that her “death” still haunted Joe throughout season one and she appeared (and died for good) in season two, leaving Candace out was strange. Perhaps Joe no longer feels any kind of guilt for her death? Granted, Love was the one who killed her, but Joe still played a part in it. 

Candance was so close (much like Nadia) to bringing Joe to justice, but sadly lost her life all because she thought she could trust Love. I would like to see her come back one last time to haunt him again. 

Ellie and Delilah

Turns out that Ellie was supposed to return for season four, but Jenna Ortega’s schedule didn’t allow her enough time to do so. If there’s one character I would like to see bring Joe to justice (aside from Marienne), it would be Ellie. Her older sister Delilah didn’t deserve to die and Ellie doesn’t deserve to live her life on the run because of Joe and the Quinn family. As for how can she bring Joe down, that could be very tricky. Unless she has hardcore evidence, Ellie most likely doesn’t have the resources to get him locked up.

As for Delilah, it’s a bit of a far stretch to see her return, aside from the obvious fact that she’s dead because of Love and Joe. But if she pops up for a cameo, I would not be mad. She was a fling for Joe, but she was a pretty big supporting character in the second season. I’d like to see her ghost pop up and remind Joe that she’s dead because of him (since he locked her in the cage) and how her sister is living life on the run.


This is an even further stretch, but I would LOVE to see Peach return as an illusion. Besides Love, Peach is still one of the best villains of the series and I honestly miss her. Shay Mitchell deserves all the kudos for making this character so horrible that fans love her. I would just like to see her pop up in a dream and taunt him.

How Should Joe’s Story End?

There are plenty of ways this show could end, and I’m trusting the writers to finish strong. They’ve done a pretty solid job so far in keeping the show going, but the ending could change how fans see it and its legacy. We don’t want a Game of Thrones situation where the show was so good until the final season. I hope they don’t rush it, cram too many storylines, and leave too many loose ends. I’m sure there will be some loose ends, but this is not the season to have a lot of them.

To be honest, I don’t think killing Joe would be the way to go. Killing him off at the end would be too easy, but at the same time, it’s also fitting. All of his surviving victims wouldn’t have to look over their shoulders in fear that he’s stalking them and live relatively peaceful lives. Locking him up in solitary confinement seems fitting too, but if Kate is alive by the end of the show, she can easily get him out. And that’s one other thing to be concerned about. Kate can now easily buy anything she wants now that her father is dead. And if she’s willing to let Joe get away with murdering the real Rhys Montrose, murder her father, murder Edward, and frame Nadia for it, then Kate is someone to be worried about.

Until then, we can only wait and speculate on how we think the series will end.

Personally, I want Marienne to be the one giving Joe the killing blow or the one responsible for putting him behind bars…or in the cage and leaving him to rot.

How do you think You will end? Think Joe will ever face any kind of justice for his crimes?