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A page that’s dedicated to talking about and reviewing make-up! I don’t wear it much these days, but I do love to try out things that catch my eye.

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Clear Mascara: is it even worth buying?

I’ve been going make-up free for about a year and a half after almost 7-8 years of working in the beauty and spa industry. After years of wearing it, and some inspiration from my favorite YouTuber of all time, Michelle Phan, I decided to try and go au naturel. Admittedly, it has been…. mildly successful.…

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Brand Review: Nekoyanin Cosmetics

These days, I’m not much of a makeup wearer. I’m usually at home and when I go out, it’s usually to the store. I don’t go to any place where it’s needed, but when I do wear it: I either keep it simple or go all out. I used to have a lot of makeup,…